World Shamanic Yoga Institute


Methodologically, we attempt  to fully explore the potential of humanity using a powerful combination of focussed training with experienced instructors and anthropologically based participant observation in host cultures.

We seek not only to impart knowledge, but to assist our students in integrating the profound underlying meaning of world heritage teachings directly into their lives. 


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The World Shamanic Yoga Institute (WSYI) is dedicated to a multidisciplinary exploration of the collective heritage of humanity and to the full unfolding of human potential.  The first stage of our activities was to provide a wide variety of research opportunities, experiential courses, volunteer programs and networking systems in order to facilitate personal and global transformation. We no longer offer courses directly but instead focus on assisting students, teachers, and schools with materials. There are now hundreds of Shamanic Yoga Teachers dispersed around the planet and our efforts are now bent on supporting those teachers and their students. We have purposely not trademarked Shamanic Yoga as the whole point of it is to bring experimentation and formlessness back into Yoga. There are many benefits to standardization, regulation, and possibly even “corporatization” in Yoga. However, Yoga was derived from and relates directly to an investigation which is open ended so there will always be a place for systems that choose not to rule, govern, or formulate.

Some people experience profound states in headstand, some while doing breath exercises, others with music or art. Shamanic Yoga values difference. It is therefore a grassroots oriented system that does not have a trademark. Nor does it have an overseeing body to declare who can and cannot teach it, or even make iron clad rules about what “it” is. We simply encourage people around the world find ways to get healthy, think about things that really matter, enjoy and help in out the places they live, and find a deeper measure of internal peace.

Though yoga may initially seem far from the shamanic practice, a closer inspection shows that the yogis were originally a group of unrelated individuals in the Himalayas who sought to strip away their own perception. In doing so they used the same basic group of consciousness modification techniques that have been practiced the world over by shaman of other cultures. Later, these systems were codified and lost much of their experiential power. However, the underlying practice, when brought home to its shamanic roots, provides an extremely beneficial foundation for safely exploring the deepest layers of fusion with the natural world and for extended journeys or manipulations of perception. The modern incarnations of these disciplines fuse seamlessly to provide exponential development and depth.

The yogic teachings help us to keep balance in the face of extremely intense and sometimes adversarial journey experiences. They also help us to keep from developing the type of shamanic egos which sometimes cause problems for even (or especially) very advanced shamanic practitioners.  Close examination belies the romantic view that all shamanic societies are or were perfect and harmonious.  A strong understanding of Shamanic Yoga is an excellent way to delve to the deepest levels of the practice, and to do so in a way which is safe and ethical for ourselves and our communities. Conversely, the yogic practice benefits immensely from regrounding in the immensity of the experience of full integration with the entire web of life (samadhi), that is the original point of the practices themselves.

In the end, Shamanic Yoga is about service. We live within an integrated system. Nurturing that system is nurturing ourselves. Learning hear its voices is like learning to hear our own. Reaching out into our communities a lending a helping hand is what it comes down to. We truly believe that an integrated circle of techniques is needed if you really wish to penetrate and unify the subconscious. The full spectrum of techniques found in Yoga and Shamanism offer assistance to humans around the world in profoundly deepening their experience of life and the universe they live in. Further, because world peace will only stem from individual peace, we believe that this kind of training and research makes an incredibly valuable contribution to world peace studies in general. We therefor offer a great many teaching materials free of charge. Those we do charge for are generally for schools wanting to run their own courses and are kept extremely modest. We hope that you enjoy this site, and whether you choose to train or not, that you feel inspired and motivated to cast your own special light into the world around you!